Welcome to the Elwood College website. We hope that it provides you with a snapshot of life in the Elwood College community, where diversity is valued, high expectations are set and values are shared.

Junior School

The 'Second Storey' program is unique to Elwood College. As students transition from Primary to Secondary school, the focus of Junior School is creating long lasting connections and relationships within the community.
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Middle School

The Middle School Certificate is a cross curricular and combined Year 9 and Year 10 program that focuses on engagement and breadth of choice. Students can select from a variety of subject options and curriculum based activities.
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Senior School

Students at Senior School can select subjects in different disciplines including V.E.T. (Vocational Education and Training). Students can complete the Victorian Certificate of Education (V.C.E.) or the V.C.E. - V.M. (Vocational Major).
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Together we grow

We feel it's important to reflect upon our school maxim ‘Together we grow’ and why school culture matters. Owen Eastwood (who is an international expert in creating cultures of belonging) eloquently defines culture as "the environment that we are in at any point in time and how it is making us feel." Our environment is our community, our families, our students and our staff and when these work in unison our school maxim ‘Together we grow’ comes to life. 
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Elwood College Instructional Model


Ask about our long lasting sister school relationship with Obi Hagashi during one of our school tours. We run an immersive international trip there every two years.
Ask about our Northern Territory camps and outdoor education experiences at Middle School during our Open Evening.
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