About Us

Welcome to Elwood College, a tight-knit school community where students learn and grow together. With approximately 850 students across year levels 7-12, our school prides itself on being a supportive, engaging, and inspiring learning environment where every pupil is a valued individual. Academia, athleticism, creativity, and diversity are all equally important components that are nurtured within our learning environment. Our goal is to foster confident and independent young adults who feel well-equipped to achieve their dreams and succeed.

Elwood’s passionate staff work together to provide not just the fundamental foundations of a solid education, but a proactive and adaptive support network in order to best meet the evolving needs of our students and society. Our teachers genuinely care about the wellbeing and success of each student, and know that to be an effective and engaging teacher, you must not only be good at what you teach, but how you teach it. Together we grow as students, as staff, and as a school.

Established in 1957 in the beautiful coastal suburb of Elwood, our educational institution has proudly helped to shape the young minds of our community for decades. The school's emphasis on fostering critical thinking, creativity, and a sense of community has produced countless successful graduates who have gone on to make remarkable contributions to various fields. Today, Elwood College stands as a vibrant hub of intellectual exploration, cultural exchange, and personal growth.

Principal's Welcome

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