Mel Jones – Former Australian Test Cricketer

Attended Elwood College from 1984-1990

The six years I spent at Elwood College (then Elwood High School) certainly shaped me as a person and a cricketer. This is largely due to a great network of friends and some amazing teachers who I am exceptionally thankful to. To most, John Handscomb was a geography teacher. To me, he was my first cricket coach and the reason I got involved in the game. School tours to NSW and New Zealand, along with Debbie Noonan, were experiences I was so lucky to have. I have no doubt my Australian representation was in many due to the foundation I got while at Elwood College.

Christine Ireland was a mentor and role model, so much more than an English teacher. Looking back now, I know her guidance and support has played a large factor in who I am today. Then there were my friends and good times on camps, in class and at sports days.

I now work in sports management and am an ambassadorship and board member with indigenous health promotion charity Red Dust Role Models. I also work in the Australian and international media commentating on international women's cricket.