Peter Lewinsky – investment Banker, Stockbroker, Corporate Advisor and Consultant, not for Profit Board Member

Attended Elwood High School 1964 – 1970

“ The school community was wonderfully diverse with recently arrived political refugees from a number of European countries, from Greece and Italy to Poland and the former Yugoslavia, helping us to understand more about those from a non-Australian background. This was most unusual for Melbourne in the 1950s and 1960s. The school was strong academically, and students generally had a very positive attitude to learning and to study. The teachers were very supportive of students and were involved in the school. I remember fondly one teacher who organised weekend camps and outdoor activities for the Active Outdoors Club. The school was also strong in History, Mathematics, Science, the Arts and Sport. As you would imagine Soccer and Volleyball were as popular as football and cricket. We had a very strong basketball team and many of the original Melbourne Tigers team actually came from Elwood High. The school had a very relaxed, happy feel to it and the teachers empowered you to make some of your own decisions.

My years at Elwood High were incredibly interesting and I remember them fondly.”

Peter , who commenced his education at Elwood Primary School, went on to study Economics at Monash University and joined Peat Marwick and Mitchell (now KPMG). He currently conducts his own corporate advisory practice on corporate governance, business planning, change management and risk management.

Professionally he undertakes projects for government and the private sector, and is on a number of boards and advisory committees including the Hutchison Foundation, affiliated with the Essendon Football Club, which runs a number of programs eg.a support program for young indigenous people to assist them in completing secondary school.