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Assistant Principal
Assistant Principal
Business Manager
Todd Asensio
Nick England
Will Spring
Bridget Kosla-Brown
Senior School Director
(Years 11 & 12)
Middle School Director
(Years 9 & 10)
Junior School Director
(Years 7 & 8)
Marc Favre
Bree Harris
Johannah Griffin
Learning Specialist - Teaching & Learning
Learning Specialist - Numeracy
Director of Pathways
Pathways Support
Amanda Artin
Lan Tran
Grace Roberts
Emily Duffy
Learning Leader Year 12
Learning Leader Year 11
Learning Leader Year 10
Sebastian Barr
Melisa Potts
Kim Thomas
Learning Leader Year 9
Learning Leader Year 8
Learning Leader Year 7
Texas Connolly
Alexander Evans
Chris Keane
Student Wellbeing Coordinator
Learning Specialist - Inclusion
Inclusion Support
Caitlin Ridgway
Janelle Lugg
Gigi Jacoel-Kaminsky
DOMAIN Leaders
The Arts
English & EAL
Science & Technology
Jodie Paxton
Julia Kubiak
Sam Parsons
Danielle Inwood
Health & Physical Education
Food Studies
Nick Costantino
Gigi Jacoel-Kaminsky
John Harte
Emily Duffy
International Student Coordinator
Will Spring
Jenny Fujiyasu