Theatre and Gym Hire

Phoenix Theatre

The Phoenix Theatre is a versatile venue perfect for a wide range of events including theatre groups, school plays, graduations, dance concerts, seminars, and more. Our facility boasts an intimate foyer for Box Office sales and refreshment services, while the Atrium provides additional space for changing. It's important to note that the Phoenix Theatre, situated within a government secondary school, is available primarily during evenings, weekends, and school holidays.

Featuring a proscenium arch, our theatre offers a stage size of 10.5 meters by 6 meters, complete with an arch height of 3.5 meters. Additionally, there's a 10.5-meter stage extension tapered at the sides, perfect for accommodating various performances. Our venue includes a full lighting rig, computerized lighting desk, and a full fly tower, ensuring optimal lighting and production quality. You'll find optional orchestra pit space and an overhead projector for presentations. With comfortable tiered seating for 269 attendees, excellent acoustics, and wheelchair access throughout, the Phoenix Theatre guarantees a memorable and accessible experience for all. Plus, our heating and cooling split systems ensure comfort regardless of the season.

Enquiries please contact 03 9525 6804 or email