Elwood College has a compulsory uniform. All students in Years 7-12 must wear the uniform for all classes, college activities, and to and from school.

Our uniform was designed by an Elwood College parent in collaboration with students, teachers and parents.

It includes a summer and winter uniform, as well as a sports uniform. The school backpack is also a compulsory item.

The uniform sets the tone of the school - within the college and in the community - and should be worn with pride.

In reaching secondary school, students can take on increasing responsibility to ensure their uniform is clean, pressed and ready for each day.  They should be responsible for cleaning their own shoes and ensuring their backpacks are packed and ready for each day’s events.

The College Administration will rule on any questions students may have.

We ask for the support and supervision of parents to ensure the uniform guidelines are adhered to. 

Uniform Reference Guide

Elwood College – Uniform Reference Guide

Purchasing our uniform

Click the link below to download PSW's current price list for our school uniform.

All school uniform items are available online and in-store through PSW Quality Apparel.

Located at: 1/596 North Road, Ormond

Email: ormond@psw.com.au

Shop online: click here

PSW Price List

Resell your old uniform

You now have the ability to resell your old uniform via our on campus uniform shop.

To sell your old uniform, please click on the button below and create a uniform resell docket.

Once complete you can print the uniform resell docket, deliver your clothes to our on campus uniform shop and we'll sell your uniform for you.

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Reference Guide

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