International Camp

Year 12 international student Laura Kekrtova reports on the International Camp in Tasmania.

On Tuesday 26 April our group of international students representing Elwood College travelled to Tasmania for four days. This was an opportunity to take a rest from school and enjoy what the international program is giving us.

Our schedule was very busy. The day that we landed in Hobart, straight from airport we drove to Hastings Caves Conservation Reserve. We were so lucky with the local guides because they told us the whole history and interesting facts about the caves. The following day we visited Port Arthur and got closer to the fascinating history of Tasmania’s ‘inescapable prison’. We were walking amongst the memories of a long-gone prison where freedom was a distant possibility. A great story-teller, Mr Pritchard told us the entire history of this mysterious place and made it truly enjoyable for us.

The best experience in Tasmania was the wildlife, where we fed the kangaroos, met a beautiful koala and saw the original Tasmanian devil. I also enjoyed the ‘Farm life’ where the farmer showed us how the things are going on farm.

We wanted to say a big thank you to our international coordinators Stella Turchina, Greg Pritchard and Will Spring, who were taking care of us and made this camp happen.