Elwood College offers a rich co-curricular program that allows students to explore their talents while building friendships and social skills. We find that developing students’ confidence through co-curricular activities also results in better academic outcomes.

In the classroom and beyond, students are encouraged to take advantage of our renowned music and arts program, a range of sports, debating, school camps - including competitive sports camps -  and international study tours


Whether it's our lunchtime running club or representing the college in inter-school sports, Elwood College celebrates both excellence and effort in sport. We know that physical exercise is important for the health and wellbeing of young people so we incorporate it into college life both formally and socially. Physical education is a compulsory subject from Years 7-10, introducing students to a range of diverse range of sports and health education.

Our house swimming, athletics and cross country carnivals are annual highlights, building camaraderie and giving students the opportunity to represent the college at inter-school events.

Furthermore, every student can represent the college in the following sports:

  • Term 1: Tennis, Softball and Cricket.
  • Term 2: Soccer, Badminton, Football and Netball.
  • Term 3: Hockey, Futsal, Basketball and Table Tennis.
  • Term 4: Golf, Lawn Bowls, Touch Rugby.


The House Competition at Elwood College offers students an opportunity to highlight their skills in a variety of events. Competitions include, swimming, athletics, cross country, performing arts and debating.

The houses at Elwood College are Bryon (blue), Keats (yellow),Lawson (green)  and Milton (red).

Students are encouraged to participate to grow in confidence and resilience, learn new skills and develop a level of respect of oneself and others. It offers a competitive nature in a nurturing environment, allowing more students to thrive.

Individual event trophies are presented to the house captains at the conclusion of each event and the ‘House Cup’ is awarded to the house with the highest total points at the presentation evening.

We endeavour to create a supportive and inclusive House Competition at Elwood College.


Students join in music, art and drama classes from Years 7-10 but can also learn an instrument through private tuition at the college. Music Performance and Theatre Studies are popular VCE subjects in years 11 and 12. Our students’ talents are showcased at annual events such as the school musical, talent show and art show. Our choir and band regularly perform at school assemblies and in the community. Theatre Sports is also a popular co-curricular activity, where students can represent their House and the College.


Year level camps operate for Years 7 to 10 and have strong team-building and outdoor education themes. The Year 7 camp focusses on new friendships and feeling connected. Together, our Year 8 and 9 students have a choice of three camps: Art Camp, Outdoor Education and Surfing, all with a focus on leadership and building independence. Year 10 students attend an outdoor education camp. There is also an optional Victorian Inter School Snow Sports camp open to Years 8 to 11.


As our students study French and Japanese, there are cultural study tours of Japan and France in alternating years. Students can also go on exchange to study in France or attend our Japanese Sister School, Obu Higashi Senior High School.


The college runs lunchtime clubs such as debating, computing and chess. There is a house debating competition every year. Year 8 and 10 students can represent the college in a regional debating competition.


The academy has a strong mentoring component and is designed to complement the student’s academic activities and goals of the school curriculum.

For more information, contact college admin. Email elwood.co@education.vic.gov.au or phone 9531 9566.

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