Junior School

Growing Futures at Elwood College

Years 7 & 8

Aims of the two-year program

  1. To make every student feel strongly connected to Elwood College through meaningful and rewarding relationships with peers and staff.
  2. To provide challenging and exciting curriculum for all students – a curriculum that focuses on what skills individuals need to know next - in an environment that actively celebrates their achievements.
  3. To explicitly teach and practice foundation organisation, work and behavioral expectations in order to fully prepare students for their secondary school experience.
  4. To explicitly teach, practice and assess skills we consider to be transferable – both between subjects, but also between school life and outside-of-school life.

Junior School Manual

Junior School Manual

Transition Program

In Years 7 and 8, expectations of students are set by the College, to be adopted and shared. These expectations are non-negotiable and the same for every student.

Year 7

One of the final elements of the Second Storey Transition Program for Grade 6 students entering Year 7 is Transition Week in the first week of Year 7. The first week of classes will be devoted to workshops about behaviour, work expectations and organisation. This will also include guest speakers, learning how to use a locker; leadership of school (including school and house captains); BYO Device and IT sessions; and meeting staff (including instrumental music, wellbeing, SRC leaders). The following workshops will run instead of regular classes. Please note the subject areas that will run these workshops. All other subjects should plan for engaging getting-to-know-you subject-based activities NOT the beginning of the first unit:

Year 8

In order to re-align our expectations, it is important to cover a number of workshops for 2022. The first two classes of the year for each of the following subjects will be devoted to workshops about using new school spaces, behaviour, work expectations and organisation. The workshops will run instead of regular classes. All other subjects should continue on with their curriculum.

Middle School

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