Our Middle School Certificate provides a specialised two-year program to engage students and prepare them for the VCE. Like in the VCE, students design their own course program. This gives them a sense of ownership of their learning and allows them to pursue their talents.

Students complete 24 courses (six per semester) across all learning domains over two years. The majority of courses will be combined classes of Year 9 and 10 students that address the Victorian Curriculum in a very engaging and topic-specific context. This ‘vertical’ streaming allows us to offer a wider variety of courses: Robotics, Coding, Forensic Science, Creative Writing, Sculpture, Sports Administration, to name a few. A full list of subjects can be found HERE.

With pathways counselling, students commit to their own course program. Despite enjoying greater choice, they must complete a minimum number of courses from each Domain area (e.g. English, Humanities, Science).

Mathematics continues to operate as a separate Year 9 and 10 course. In addition, a select-entry Maths course is offered for extension students (entry based on Maths testing results, consistent approach to homework and attendance levels).

Other features:

  • For those seeking acceleration, Year 9 and 10 students are eligible to study VCE subjects (academic subject of choice or the VET subject Industry & Enterprise).
  • Students choose which sport to pursue as term-long courses (one period per week).
  • Year 9 Camp, course-specific camps (eg. Surf Camp for Outdoor Education) and optional ski camp. Year 10 students can attend the Japan or France study tours and go on student exchange to these countries.
  • Year 10 Pathways Planning helps students plan their VCE to support their university/career hopes. This is complemented by work experience, resume writing and job interview practice.
  • Year 9 has a focus on Wellbeing.

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