Senior School

The VCE Program

Years 11 & 12

At Elwood, most students will study 22 or 24 units: a unit being a semester's work in a particular subject. Year 10 students may study a Unit 1/2 sequence to provide a sixth subject to be counted in their ATAR. To gain the VCE Certificate at the end of Year 12, students must achieve an "S" (Satisfactory) in at least sixteen units. These sixteen units must include Unit 3 and 4, and Unit 1 or 2, of English/EAL, Literature or English Language, and a minimum of four Unit 3 and 4 sequences. To receive an ATAR, students must achieve both Units 3 and 4 in English, in addition to three other Unit 3/4 sequences.

All Year 12 students are expected to enrol in five subjects in their final year of study regardless of any 3/4 sequences completed in previous years. The only exceptions made to this will be based on medical recommendations of an external educational psychologist.

In planning a course, students should consider their future needs for work and study, and also which subjects they enjoy and which subjects they do well in.

VCE Manual

Extra-Curricular Programs

In addition to the school's published range of extra-curricular programs, the following programs aim to increase students' focus, motivation and enjoyment of their final year(s) of secondary school:

Personalised Learning

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