Madeleine Blay 2015

ATAR 97.95

As well as class Dux, Madeleine was also college co-captain in 2015.

On the morning of 14 December, I was so deep into the bliss of my end-of-school holidays that I temporarily forgot about the release of our final VCE results. At the point of realisation, I feverishly located an electronic device and scrambled through the VTAC website to find my results. The four-digit number that leapt out at me was significantly higher than any ATAR score I had ever let myself dream about, as were the study scores for each of my subjects. My parents having alerted every family member possible, I was forced to accept that maybe I actually had accomplished what I had previously deemed impossible.

This score has allowed me to take comfort in the fact that I will be able to enter into my ideal course of the Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne, but until that time I’m looking forward to a year overseas.

While this year proved to be the hardest year of my entire education, I don’t think I can attribute my successes solely to the crazed stress of study and work. The tireless support of the teachers and staff at Elwood College made the achievements of our whole year level possible. I’m sure the Class of 2015 would have probably melted away into oblivion if not for the late night emails from teachers and early morning reassurances that Year 12 isn’t the be-all, end-all of, well, everything.

I am truly honoured to be Dux of Elwood, as well as being part of such a strong year level. I hope it reflects the immense support of the entire community and the ability of a small, close-knit public school to yield incredible results for all of us.