Peggy Lucas 2019

Elwood College congratulates Peggy Lucas with an ATAR 98.55

Peggy has been an outstanding student in the VCE studies program for Elwood College. As joint Valedictorian and the editor of the School Newspaper, she has been tireless in her pursuit of excellence and always with a smile on her face. She also won subject prizes in Literature and History for being the student with the top score across the School Assessed Coursework (SACs). With a full score of 50 in Media, it is also a significant achievement to score above 40 in five of her six subjects. With a natural style for the bohemian, Peggy runs her own course including the recipient prize of the Creative Contribution to the College in 2019.

She is quoted to have said on the morning of results:

"My time at Elwood has been wonderful and I greatly enjoyed doing the school production and getting involved in all sorts of performance opportunities. My teachers are legends which also made life easier in this crazy year!"

To her year 11 self she said:

"I would tell my year 11 self to not compare yourself to others! Just trust in the effort you put in and the other activities you do that mean much more than marks."

Peggy will go on to study a Bachelor of Arts at The University of Melbourne in 2020.

We wish Peggy all the very best for an exciting future ahead.