Pollyanna Carveth 2019

Elwood College congratulates Pollyanna Carveth with an ATAR of 90.10

It is very exciting that Pollyanna is to be counted as one of the top 10 performers in her VCE year. With the 2019 subject prize in the hotly contested Media subject, her full score of 50 is to be commended. In addition, she was the fortunate recipient of the Art prize for having her Media folio purchased by the school. Her dedication to her VCE studies has been a credit to her which she has approached with a gentle charm. When asked to contribute a few comments as a memento of her time at Elwood College, she was only too happy to comply with:

It’s truly been a whirlwind of a year. I owe it all to the lovely supportive environment that my years at Elwood College have provided. I am beyond grateful for the fantastic cohort who have kept me going through the highs and lows of the year, and the amazing supportive teachers who have consistently supported both my studies and my wellbeing.

We wish her every success for her future adventures beyond the gates of Elwood College.