Sabrina Philips 2019

Elwood College congratulates Sabrina Phillips as our 2019 Dux with 99.20

Completing Units 3 & 4 of Media with a full score of 50 in 2018, and following up with Co-School Captaincy in 2019, Sabrina has been an exemplary scholar at Elwood College. She received many awards in her academic journey, including the academic subject awards for English, Studio Arts and Theatre Studies this year. She also achieved above 40 in her studies scores out of 50 in five of her six subjects.

She wrote:
When I opened my ATAR this morning, I was ecstatic. I never even let myself hope for results like these. Right now, I’m ready to get on with life and hopefully use these results to help me along the way.

Today I’m most grateful for all those who supported and encouraged me all throughout VCE. My friends and family were always there to see me through the stress and my teachers dedicated countless hours to helping me individually and there’s no way I could’ve achieved this result without the help of the culture at Elwood.

We wish Sabrina every success with her adventures.