Teodora Boskovska 2019

Elwood College congratulates Teodora Boskovska with an ATAR of 83.90

As a magnificent team player, Teodora has been an inspiration to her peers and teachers alike. Her charming approach to class work and the dedication to her studies has endeared her to the VCE cohort.

Her reaction to her results were:

When I opened up my results I instantly started crying. The result were better than I expected and I wouldn't have done it without Elwood College. The school itself was a welcoming ground to ensure all students are catered for and supported. I would especially like to thank all my teachers, the amount of hours they spent to correct my work, provide extra resources and for support during any time of the day really helped me through the year and especially during exam time. The hours they work outside of their contract is unbearable. This long, hard working year has paid off well.

An excellent achievement Teodora and we are very proud of your efforts.