Tiffany Unterfrauner 2014 Dux

ATAR 95.25

I'm very proud of my achievements, which were only made possible due to my dedicated teachers, especially the title of Dux of 2014, something I never thought I could achieve.

2015 will be a year of many new experiences as I will be moving out of home and studying a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne, majoring in criminology and law. However I am also looking at the possibility of returning to Europe next year and continuing my studies in Vienna.

Elwood College for me was a really great experience. Starting in year 12, it was completely different from the school I had previously attended and I think I was really able to thrive in the independent yet supportive atmosphere that I had not experienced in any other school. The Year 12 cohort of 2014 was a really welcoming group and although we were comprised of many completely different personalities there was still a strong sense of community within the year level.