Zunaira Javed 2015

ATAR 91.9

I remember looking at a shooting star the night before our ATAR results and, in a childish whim, wishing for a score above 90. At the time I thought that I was merely humouring myself. However the next morning, woken by my nerves exactly five minutes before the release time, I was stunned that I did actually get a result that I was very happy with.

My ATAR will hopefully allow me to get into a course of my choice in 2017. My focus is on Medicine or Industrial Design. This year, however, I am going to be interning at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, USA for a while, after which I will be moving to New Zealand to pursue my studies further. I am quite nervous but very excited about my new path and know that I will miss all the wonderful people of Elwood College every step of the way.

The last year at Elwood was tough but full of self-discovery. For that I am very grateful to my wonderful teachers and fellow classmates whose presence I miss every single day. I consider myself very lucky to be part of the class of 2015, a very smart, but most of all accepting and supporting group of people. I feel like the life lessons I learned will help me much more than any VCE textbook ever can.

Having interests in Science, Arts and Maths, I struggled to manage my work throughout the year. Looking back, I can clearly see that the important thing to do in VCE is simply try your hardest and reap the rewards. During tough times, I really think that we can be our own worst enemy. I felt so unmotivated comparing myself to others that I nearly gave up preparing for any exams! Therefore, I think it is important to focus on yourself and what you can achieve as well as remembering that the four digits of an ATAR can never truly define you or stop you from getting what you want in life.