Accelerated Learning

Personalised learning gives every student a pathway to strive for excellence and enjoy learning success, with extension and support opportunities provided in every subject.

Acceleration can include more challenging classwork, academic forums and competitions, or leadership roles that harness particular talents. Where appropriate, students can also step up to senior classes for specific subjects.

Our positive learning culture supports and challenges all students to learn with, and from, each other. By asking students to work with each other’s different learning styles, we empower them with ‘real life learning’ and the skills they will need beyond school, such as collaboration and communication.

Our commitment to Academic Achievement for every student:

  • Personalised learning in every class (Years 7-12).
  • Regular pre-testing ensures teaching to ‘point of need’.
  • Post-testing and celebrating success creates a growth mindset.
  • Acceleration opportunities led by student interests.
  • Assessment Rubrics –assignments offer a range of entry levels. This gives all students the opportunity to face learning challenges, achieve success and feel confident in their learning abilities. 
  • Co-curricular opportunities to extend classroom learning (competitions, conferences, public speaking).
  • Year 10 students can take a VCE subject (academic subject of choice or the VET subject Industry & Enterprise).
  • Eligible Year 12 students can take a university subject.