Student Wellbeing and Support

Elwood College recognises the integral role that schools play in promoting the social and emotional development and wellbeing of young Australians. Student resilience and wellbeing are essential components for both academic and social development, which are encouraged by being in environments that promote safe, supported and respectful learning. Schools share this responsibility with the whole community. 


Elwood College’s wellbeing team consists of a Counsellor and a Mental Health Practitioner who work together to support the mental health and wellbeing of students and staff. The Wellbeing Team works in collaboration with the Leadership Team and teaching staff to provide a holistic and collaborative whole-school support network for students. Students are encouraged to speak to their learning leaders regarding wellbeing support, who then speak with either Caitlin or Amy. Students are also able to self-refer, as this promotes independence and competence regarding help-seeking. 


Wellbeing Support at Elwood consists of one-to-one counselling or support sessions, group sessions that explore similar themes that students are experiencing together as well as the newly implemented Tuning into Teens parent workshop. Caitlin and Amy also speak with parents and/or carers in order to support wellbeing challenges. Congruent to this, students throughout their learning are taught various mental health and wellbeing related curriculum-based subjects that increase the knowledge of mental health literacy, which is integral to promoting adolescent help-seeking and acceptance of support.